The Danish beaches are some of the most attractive in all of Europe. Many kilometers of white sand and roaring sea attracts thousands of Danish and international tourists. Still, every yeah, too many drowning accidents happen that could have been avoided. Here are some good advice on what one needs to look out for at the beach and sea.

Sink holes.
A sink hole is a hole or groove in a reef where water with a strong current runs flows back to the larger, deeper sea. If one goes out to a reef, sink holes are for the most part there where the water seems entirely calm and appealing. If you fall into a sink hole and get caught by the current, do not resist it. Let the current take you and it will lose its strength, allowing you to swim to the less calm waters, where you once again can find the bottom of the waterbed.

You are not allowed to swim in:
The harbor, near any piers or jetties, breakwaters, or by fishermen’s fishing stakes.
Marshes and ponds. Here, the water is almost always very still and can be very, very cold right below the surface.
In lakes and creeks with fauna and aquatic flora.
All other places where swimming is prohibited.