The house is to be left neat and cleaned before departure – and for most, it is a dull task to use the last day of your vacation on cleaning up the house. So leave that to us – so you can use your time for something much more fun.
If you do undertake the cleaning yourself, the following things must be done:

Living Room and Bedrooms
The stove must be emptied of any ash if there are not embers.
Dust must be cleaned.
The closets in the rooms must be wiped clean on the inside.
Loose carpets are to be lifted and underneath needs to be vacuumed/washed
Loose pillows are to be lifted and vacuumed underneath them
Bed linen is to be folded neatly and placed on the bed
The couch is to be vacuumed.

The Kitchen
The refrigerator is to be cleaned.
The utensil drawer is to be wiped clean.
Lamps are to be wiped clean.
Empty kitchen shelves are to wiped clean as well as other shelves and closets on the outside
Oven/Microwave oven are to be cleaned – burned stains should not be scrubbed off.
Check the dish washing machine
All trash is to be thrown out

The shower is to be cleaned.
The bathtub is to be cleaned and wiped clean.
Closets, mirrors, sink, and toilet are to be cleaned.
Check washing machine/Dryer
The bathroom dispenser is to be emptied

General things
All windows are to be washed both inside and out
All floors must be vacuumed/washed – under the beds as well
All doors and windows must be locked when exiting the house
Make sure that all trash cans are emptied
Cleaning of grill and garden furniture
General cleaning inside and out
Loose carpets must be taken outside and shook clean