Rental Conditions

By the contract’s initiation, the 1st installment = advanced rent at 800DKK + insurance premium is due and paid to our accounts. The balance = 2nd installment, payable within 40 days before rental period. If the contract is set in motion later than 40 days before the rental period initiates, the 1st and 2nd rate are combined into one.

When the 1st installment is received, the rental period is binding. Hereafter, if the renter does not wish to utilize the full length of the rental period, the 1st installment is not refundable. If the renter is prevented from utilizing the full length of the rental period, the European Traveler’s Insurance will finance the rent payments according to the insurance terms and conditions.

If the 2nd installment is not paid before the due date, then it is automatically perceived as a cancellation of your reservation, and renting the vacation cottage/home will start the payment process over again.

Paid advance rent as well as the insurance premium is not refundable. If the renter has paid the full rental amount, and by lack of implementation of the lease cannot obtain coverage from the Vacation Home-Renter Insurance, the renter will be refunded the paid rent in the same amount as the re-rental minus 1000DKK, if the vacation cottage/home is rented again.

The fixed rates that are offered are subject to typographical errors, etc. The rental period covers the aforementioned cottage/home with all accessories, as stated in our catalog description. The vacation cottage/home may not be utilized by a larger number of people than stated in the description of the cottage/home. If overcrowded, the letter/landlord has the right to expel supernumerary persons. Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) may only be kept at the discretion of the landlord.

Check-in to the vacation cottage/home is ready from 3PM on arrival day and check-out is not later than 11AM on the day of departure. At departure, the renter must ensure that the cottage/home as well as all accessories are cleaned and kept in the same fashion when they were put to use the first time.

Any costs for electricity, telephone, oil, firewood, and the like are paid when delivering the key on the day of departure. The renter is responsible for everything that belongs to the cottage/home, especially furniture. The renter is required to replace all defects or damage that may revert to his or her responsibilities, which arose during the time he or she occupied the cottage/home. A deposit of 800DKK to cover minor damages, lack of cleaning, etc. will be charged and any additional balances will be send to the renter’s address/account no later than 30 days after the lease expires.

Paper diapers, cotton wool, and the like should never be flushed through the toilet. Obstructing the drainage and subsequent exhumation will be a costly affair, added to the renter’s expenses. Tents, caravans, and the like must not be placed on the land. The owner and landlord assume no liability for the renters while they inhabit the cottage/home, and there are no drafted insurance policies of any form for the renters or their possessions.

In according to force majeure and in the event of war, strikes, or similar situations, the letter/landlord reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect. If any discrepancies between the renter and letter arise in regards to the rental agreement, then it will be settled in accordance to Danish law and in court in Herning.

MANDATORY: Vaction Home-Renter Insurance

Through the European Traveler’s Insurance A/S, Vesterbrogade 84, 1620 Copenhagen V. Reg. no. A 86, we calculate a Vaction Home-Renter Insurance for our renters. The insurance premium is set at 6% of the total rent and is to be paid along with the advanced rent.