Skjern Creek's Fishing

Skjern Creek wildlife area (National Park) is a fantastic area for nature lovers. Here exist large green acres, lakes, and Skjern Creek that weaves through the area. The area is rich with bird and plant life and there are plenty of watchtowers to be found. One can traverse the area either by foot, biking, or horseback riding, as the area hosts a series of pathways and trails.

The park is also accessible to those using wheelchairs and the like. Many nature lovers also like to sail in canoes, where one can get real close to the many different kinds of birds. In the nature area, there are also two pull ferries, where one can pull oneself across Skjern Creek. For fishing enthusiasts, Skjern Creek is already a known spot, as plenty of salmon and trout are caught every year.

The creek is known all across northern Europe and on the opening day for salmon fishing, many international fishermen gather to try their luck.